Monday, August 25, 2014

Healthy Snacks for the School Year

My sixth year as an elementary school teacher starts next week!!  Ahh how time flies!

Now it's time that I get thinking about how to maintain my healthy eating habits on a quick lunch break and with few breaks throughout the day.  We teachers are busy!!

Here's what I'm thinking in terms of  hydration and snacks once the school year begins...

1. Align water intake around breaks.  It's important to stay hydrated throughout the day, but I need to do so around my breaks since I don't have the luxury of going to the bathroom whenever I need to go.

2. Snack Ideas 

Fresh Fruit -- berries are the lowest in sugar

Cut-up Veggies with Non-Fat Greek Yogurt Dip.  Check out some recipes here 

Cheese and Gluten-Free Crackers (great combo of protein and carbs)

Shakeology shake (healthiest drink with all the superfoods you need to stay energized naturally!)

What are your healthy go to snacks?  Add them to the comments! 

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