Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Finding Time to Exercise During the School Year

During the summer a lot of us teachers have the time to exercise because we are not working full-time in a classroom.  Ohhhh how that changes once September comes around!

In the midst of the school year and stress of balancing life, it's easy to say "I'm just too tired to run " or "I need to stay late and clean up this classroom."  I know I've used these excuses far too often and it just makes me more stressed and unhappy when I give into my excuses and don't work out.

Research clearly shows how exercise reduces stress and brightens your mood....so we need to do it!  For our own sanity and for our students' sake!

Here are 4 tips for getting your workout in even when you're crunched for time...

1. Twenty Minutes or so is enough-- go for a walk, run, or pop in a quick workout DVD at your house.  Some movement is better than nothing!

2. Make the Time Consistent and Non-Negotiable-- use pen to mark it in your schedule.  Make the appointment a priority and don't cancel.  Too tired after work?  Workout in the morning by just getting your alarm a little earlier!  Having a consistent time/schedule will help the workout feel routine...kind of like brushing your teeth!

3.  Have someone to hold you accountable.  Get a free Team Beachbody coach like me to coach your through an at-home workout program!  Finish the program with the help of a coach and feel the sense of accomplishment from completing an entire program like Insanity or Brazil Butt Lift!

4. Find an activity you find pleasurable. Do you like working out outside?  Then, go for hikes, walks, or runs.  Do you like working out inside your own home?  Then, find a program for home that best suits your interests -- Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift, TurboFire, T25, 21-Day Fix.  Or, do you like the gym?  Visit the local gyms in your area to tour and see their equipment and group exercise classes!

Contact me at nrf026@beachbodycoach.com for more info on finding time to exercise with the demands of teaching or working in general!

How are you going to find a way to exercise this school year? 

Write in the comments below!

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