Tuesday, April 15, 2014

21-Day Fix Grocery List on a Budget

Eating healthy doesn't need to be super expensive... 

Of course, fruits and veggies are more expensive than genetically-modified snacks, but you certainly don't have to break the bank...especially when on the 21-Day Fix.  

Every Thursday when I get the supermarket fliers for the week, I check out what is on sale and compare it to what's in the 21-Day Fix.  This way, I've been able to stick to the plan, lose weight, and keep money in my wallet.  

Here's my usual grocery list (there is so much more on the 21-Day list, but these foods are my favorites, have worked for me, and are usually on sale!!).  

I've put a $ next to what is generally the cheapest in that category.  

Fish- Salmon & Tilapia
Fresh Chicken Breast
Turkey Breast
Eggs $
Cottage cheese $ 
Lean Ground Turkey
Pork Tenderloin
Flank Steak
Protein Powder $ 
Veggie Burgers  $
*Note: I try my best to stay away from red meat, processed lunch meats, turkey bacon and ham slices.  These are all higher in sodium and can cause you to retain water and therefore not lose as quickly. 

Berries like Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries
Oranges (in season now so less $) 
Watermelon (in season now so less $) 
Note: Due to their high sugar content, try to stay away from bananas, mangos and grapes during the fix.  I'm a lover of mangoes so if I do want one, I'll only have 1 per day.  

Green Beans
Asparagus (in season now so less $) 
Lettuce (dark) $  
*Note: carrots are usually high in sugar so I try to stay away from them. 

Complex Carbohydrates 
Brown Rice
Oatmeal (not instant in the packet) Rolled Instant Oats  $
Sweet Potatoes  $ 
Red Skin potatoes $
Black Beans $ 
Pinto Beans $ 
Ezekiel Bread
*Note: In this category, I try to stay away from anything too processed such bread. 

Healthy Fats 
Unsweetened Coconut
Raw Unsalted Almonds
Raw Unsalted Cashews
Hummus $
Avocado $
*Note: cheese (feta and goat) is allowed in this category, but I try to stay away because it's high in sodium. 

Get in about a gallon.  Don't like drinking it plain?  Drink seltzer ... I'm loving the new apple flavored Dasani seltzer.  Also, flavor your tap water with mint, lemon, limes, berries, orange ... whatever will get you drinking it so you're hydrated for the day.  I also start my day with lemon water ... it's a natural detoxifier. 

Contact me with any questions!!  nicolefield08@gmail.com 

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