Online Results Groups

I am constantly inspired by the results of my clients!!  

Here are a few things my clients are saying....

"I love the support and inspiration from each challenger and of course from our awesome leader! It never fails when I am feeling lazy or sluggish I see a post that gets me moving or one that makes me realize it's not just me that struggles sometimes. Through all of the challenges I've done I've learned some great new recipes, lost at least 11 inches over all and have made new friends. Nicole's Beach Body challenges have helped me improve my overall health and fitness!"
-Tracy, busy mother of 2 

"Hey Nicole, I officially have lost 6 pounds!!  Feel great and excited!!" 
-Amanda, 20s and busy teacher 


My clients work with me for at least 30 days as they embark on the 3 core values of Team Beachbody....

1. Fitness --> they workout to a Team Beachbody home workout program 

2. Nutrition --> they drink their Shakeology and follow the best nutrition plan for their lifestyle 

3. Support --> they plug into the online results group comprised of all men and women working toward a healthier lifestyle for at least 30-days


Not Sure If You're Ready to Commit?!?! 

Welllll, here are the 5 reasons you should join in my next group....  

                  Sounds great, right?  Here's how to begin...  

1. DECIDE & COMMIT to joining the GROUP

2. Contact me @  
**We'll chat about your goals and devise an action plan using the Team Beachbody workout program that is BEST for YOU and YOUR GOALS. 

3. You order your program @

4. You'll join and succeed in the RESULTS GROUP by...
*being active in the group, working out at home, drinking Shakeology, and being supported by me and all the ladies in the RESULTS GROUP!

                    UPCOMING RESULTS GROUPS: 

RESULTS GROUPSvia Facebook (if you don't use Facebook, we can use another means of communication) 

Upcoming Results Groups
First Monday of the Upcoming Month 

A Sneak Peek into a RESULTS GROUP: 

*MUST use one of Team Beachbody's workout programs and/or Shakeology. 
*Limited to 10-12 people for individualized attention 
*Daily posts from you = REQUIRED 
*Weekly goal check with me = REQUIRED
*Grocery list with meal plans will be provided
*I'm going to keep you ACCOUNTABLE TO YOUR GOAL
*It'll be exactly what you need to GET RESULTS! 
*I'll message, text, whatever you need to make sure you are on track! 

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