Quick Weekly Workout

Do one of the following workout regimes 1-2 times 
everyday (Monday-Sunday) of this upcoming week. 

*Tip: Print out the weekly regime, make a workout schedule for the week, and commit to yourself for the week!!  You deserve it!

*Welllllll, do you think you don't have time to workout?!?!  Remember...  

Option 1: The Countdown

Option 2:  Lunge It

Option 3: A Plank Sandwich  

Option 4: Jack, Jack, Jack 

Option 5: The 30-20-10

Option 6: The Dirty 30

Option 7: Dippin' It

Option 8: Better Burpees

Option 9: I Seek Obliques

Option 10: Squat for Santa 

Whether it's truly Christmas time or Christmas in July, this workout routine is good any time of the year! 

Option 10: Snow Day Challenge

Option 12: Crushing Cardio

Option 12:  Full Body

Option 13:  Superbowl

**Questions?  Unsure how to do one of the
workouts?!  Message me @
That's what I'm here for! 

Be Social... 

1. Workout using 1 of the above options. 

 2. After or during your workout ... take a picture and hashtag it #betterthanyesterdayfitness and/or  tag me in the pic on Facebook and/or instagram @teachlovefit

3. Be entered to win a monthly prize (last day of the month) ... each tag/hashtag photo is 1 entry!

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