Monday, September 8, 2014

Back to School Shakes

Although the blasting sound of a football game on the television, cool & crisp mornings, and early alarm clocks are all major indicators that school is back in session, so is my inbox!  Let me explain :)

We teachers are soo soo busy during the school year that it's hard enough for us to find time to pee (yes, it's true), never mind cook and eat a healthy meal.  I know firsthand for this to be true and so do my friends and colleagues.  This is the exact reason why I've gotten flooded today with e-mails about how to order Shakeology.

These teachers want to stay fit and healthy and have a convenient, nutrition, delicious, and cost-effective meal to enjoy on their always too short lunch break at school

Check out why Shakeology is my go-to breakfast or lunch all the time and not just during the school year...

Benefits of Shakeology: 
*Umm yes I need added energize to be around children all day!

Nutrients in Shakeology: 
**We Shakeo drinkers are going to be affected by the millions of germs in our school!

Cost Effectiveness of Shakeology: 
*Because who wants to spend a paycheck at Whole Foods?!

Sounds good, right?!  Message me @ with questions or if you'd like additional information.  Here to help whether you are ready for Shakeo or not!

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