Thursday, May 26, 2016

Jumping Jack June!

Ahhhh my last blog post was 10 weeks ago- (exactly 3 days before I gave birth to my BEAUTIFUL girl)!!  These past 10 weeks have been an amazing whirlwind.  Never have I been so blessed and thankful for such a blessing AND exhausted all at the same time.  I needed to take time off from fitness coaching to be with my baby (ahh I love being with her 24/7!) and get us into a routine.  I can say that we are just NOW into a routine (and she's sleeping through the night!).  I was in no rush to get us in a routine since I knew it would take lots of time for us to figure each other out, but I'm thankful we are there and know each other so well.  

Now that the routine is here for Baby and I, I can spend time on my fitness business while I am home. To kick it off, I've developed a 30 day schedule of jumping jacks for the month of June.  I LOVE offering FREE groups to friends for us to have a quick workout routine for the morning, evening, or during Bachelorette commercials!!

The group will NOT ONLY be focused on workouts, but also will focus on clean eating, recipe sharing, accountability, motivation, and prizes!!

If you want in, message me and we can chat about your goals and such to see if the free group is right for you!

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