Wednesday, June 29, 2016

July Abs Challenge

With a pregnancy and a 50 pound weight gain, my abs are .... well .... not there!

I know I'm not alone and because of that, us MOMMAS NEED TO UNITE and MOTIVATE each other.  Soo, the July Ab Challenge was BORN!

As a certified Insanity group fitness instructor, I've used my knowledge of the core to design daily exercises that will get us to the following DAILY WORKOUT by 7/31 (don't worry, it'll take all month for us to WORK to these BIG NUMBERS!):

1. 2 minute plank

2. 100 sit ups 

3. 100 leg raises 

Here's the schedule:

We CANNOT do this alone. Join my private virtual ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP on Facebook for DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY.  

Message me @ for the full scoop!

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