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Hi & Happy Sunday :) 

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Special Note
Thank you to everyone who attended my 4/1/14 Insanity class @ Hyde Park  in which all proceeds went to the Lieutenant Walsh - Firefighter Kennedy Memorial Fund @ Boston Firefighters Credit Union.

I am going to do this again for 4/8's class...6:30pm @ Hyde Park Community Center.  Definitely come if you are in the area...I have a fun playlist planned...including Vanilla Ice ;) 

If you can't make the class, but still want to contribute to the fund, please visit  Thank you so much! 
MEALSPIRATION SPOTLIGHT: Baked Chicken w Potatoes and Green Beans 

Ready for the easiest dinner? It all cooks in one pan... I love that - barely anything to clean up!
What You Need:
3 chicken breasts
4 medium red potatoes
green beans (or broccoli!)
3 tbsp oil olive
italian dressing mix packet
What You Do:
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Cut the chicken breasts in half. Cut the potatoes in to small chunks. Spray the bottom of a 13x9 pan, put the chicken in the middle, potatoes on one side and green beans on the other side. Top with half a package of italian dressing and pour oil olive over the top. Cover with aluminum foil and bake at 350 for about an hour!

Need some support and accountability to get to your health goal?  

Join one of these groups!... 

1. 3-Day Shakeology Cleanse --> April 16th to 18th 
*Feel better, better complexion, and more energy in time for Easter! 

2. April's Online 21-Day Fix Accountability Group (starts 4/21) 
*21-Day Fix can be ordered now and is off backorder 3/31!
*I'll coach you through the 21-day fix's workouts and nutrition plan using an online accountability group. 

Recent Accountability Group Testimony: 
"Does anyone feel like they are over eating? I am full all of the time and would forget to eat if I didn't have children to feed! I know the point is to always feel satisfied and learn to use food as fuel but i'm over full all of the time."

It's finally off backorder as of 3/31 so it's your time to try it out! 

21-Days of 30 minute workouts and mindless nutrition.  Never count a calorie or use a measuring cup again ;)  

And, it's super cheap $60 so you can also buy some cute workout clothes! 

** --> "Shop Team Beachbody"

½ banana
½ c unsweetened pineapple juice
½ c water
1 scoop choc. Shakeology 
Blend with ice and enjoy ;) 


If you are exercising with the goal of losing weight, remember the saying, "assuming none of the expended calories are replaced".
Exercise will only help you lose weight if you don't replace the calories you burned with extra food. So, have a treat if you want it, but understand that the treat will effect how quickly you reach your goal.

"The great wealth is health."
-->Take time for yourself even if you're short on time!" 

FINANCIAL HEALTH SPOTLIGHT: Ways to Relax on a Vacation..on a Budget

Here are a few relaxing vacation options that don't cost too too much :
  • Spas. If you’re craving a deep tissue massage, facial or pedicure, check out a hotel or resort that offers spa services.
  • Yoga retreats. Are you a yogi? If you dream of practicing yoga on the beach of the Mediterranean, there is a vacation package for that.
  • Juice bars. Juice cleanses intended to detoxify the body are popular these days and some hotels are offering special packages centered around the cleanse.
  • Fitness. For those who want to stay fit during vacation, hotels also provide fitness packages that can include workout apparel, classes and access to fitness centers.

*Schedule is on my blog 

If you would like to make your own contribution to the fund, please visit  Thank you!! 
I'm always here to answer questions, coach you through a program, help you become a coach, anything!  Contact me :) 

Have a fantastic, fit, healthy week!


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