Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day BBQ Drinks

Within summer upon us, it's important to enjoy ourselves while also watching our calorie intake if we have that goal of getting or staying in shape!

All of these drinks have fewer than 160 calories so they aren't going to put you overboard in your calories for day!  Enjoy your time with friends and family this summer while sipping on these low-cal, but delicious drinks...   

Soda water/vodka (boring but add a squeeze of lemon, lime or oranges to the mix and give it some flavor) Note: One fluid ounce of vodka contains 64 calories (soda water is calorie free/it's different than tonic water).  

Rum & Diet CokeServing size: 6 oz..Calories: 65Ingredients: 1 oz.. rum, 5 oz.. Diet CokeAs much as I DO NOT endorse diet sodas this is a better option than most!   

Anheuser Busch, Natural LightServing size: 12 oz..Calories: 95One 12 oz.. serving of Natty Light contains just 95 calories, while the same serving of Bud Light contains 112 calories.    

Gin & Diet TonicServing size: 7.5 oz..Calories: 115 caloriesIngredients: 1.5 oz.. gin, 6 oz.. Diet TonicLike any beverage containing extra sugars, this simple and straightforward drink can be brought down a notch by picking a diet option, rather than the standard one. Gin and tonics have a slightly bitter taste, but it’s nothing a wedge of lime can’t cure.

CosmopolitanServing size: 3 oz..Calories: 150Ingredients: 1.5 oz.. vodka, ½ oz.. triple sec, ½ oz.. lime juice, ½ oz.. cranberry juiceCosmos are excellent low-calorie cocktail options. While they vary in size and alcohol content (a 4 oz.. Cosmo might go up to 200 calories, while another with 5 fluid oz.. could go up to 320), these drinks generally stay in the range of drinks that aren’t too bad for you. 

MojitoServing size: 6 oz..Content: 160 caloriesIngredients: 2.5 oz.. light rum, club soda, 1 tsp. limejuice, 2 tsp. sugar, fresh mint sprigs 

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