Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ways to Manage the Stress of Work

Work is tough!  It's important for people in all professions to reflect and decompress when they are home so that they can change for the better.

In his book, The Well-Balanced Teacher, Mike Anderson describes these things to do to keep sane and destress...

1. Read your favorite book or magazine:  Consider pulling out your favorite book or magazine from time to time.  It will soothe your spirit, help you reflect, or simply bring you enjoyment!

2. Practice mediation, yoga, or prayer: Whether it's just 5 minutes or 50 minutes, think about taking some time to be a quiet setting by yourself and just think or meditate.

3. Journal.  Buy a journal or notebook and record a few great things from the day and a few things that need to change.  Writing can help answer some questions, raise questions, and help you reflect.

4. Talk with a counselor or confidant.  It's no longer taboo to have a counselor to talk with.  Don't be embarrassed by your need to get feelings out.  Talk to someone about your thoughts because keeping them inwards in not healthy!

5. Practice in organized religion or clubs.  Join a group of people who share the same values or interests as you.  It's fun to network, engage in your interests, and take your mind off work.

Other ways: exercising, cooking, listening to an audiobook, etc.

Find what you like and do it!  Take your mind off the demands of work for a little bit!  

What are your interests and hobbies that you engage in to destress? Write in the comment section below. 

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