Thursday, September 18, 2014

21-Day Fix ... What's it all about?!

I've been getting a lot of questions this week about my Facebook posts about the 21-Day Fix

I want to share more with you because it REALLY works! Why does it really work? Well, because it has a combination of workout AND nutrition support. Personally, I love this program because it teaches/reminds me about portion control....what to eat and how much to eat. I need this reminder every now and again!!!

Soooo, here's the scoop:

1. Containers are provided so you know how much to eat ... so much better than using a million measuring cups or counting calories.

2. Here's what you can eat...

What’s Allowed in 21-Day Fix?

Green Containers
kale, cooked or raw
collard greens, cooked or raw
spinach, cooked or raw
brussel sprouts, chopped or 5 medium
broccoli, chopped
asparagus, 10 large spears
beets, 2 medium
tomatoes, chopped, cherry or 2 medium
squash (summer), sliced
winter squash (all varieties), cubed
string beans
peppers, sweet, sliced
carrots, sliced or 10 medium baby
cauliflower, chopped
artichokes, ½ large
eggplant, ½ medium
jiacama, sliced
snow peas
cabbage, chopped
lettuce, not iceberg
onions, chopped

Purple Containers
watermelon, diced
cantaloupe, diced
orange, divided into sections or 1 medium
tangerine, 2 small
apple, sliced or 1 small
apricot, 4 small
grapefruit, divided into sections or ½ large
kiwi, 2 medium
mango, sliced
peach, sliced or 1 large
nectarine, sliced or 1 large
pear, sliced or 1 large
pineapple, diced
banana, ½ large
papaya, diced
figs, 2 small
honeydew melon, diced

Red containers
sardines (fresh or canned in water), 7 medium
boneless, skinless chicken or turkey breast, cooked, diced
lean ground chicken or turkey (greater than or equal to 93% lean), cooked
fish, fresh water (catfish, tilapia, trout), cooked, flaked
fish, cold water, wild caught (cod, salmon, halibut, tuna), cooked, flaked
game: buffalo (bison, ostrich, venison), cooked, diced
game: lean ground (greater than or equal to 93% lean), cooked, diced
eggs, 2 large
greek yogurt, plain 1%
yogurt, plain 2%
shellfish (shrimp, crab, lobster), cooked
clams, canned, drained
red meat, extra-lean, cooked, diced
lean ground red mean (greater than or equal to 95% lean), cooked
shakeology, 1 scoop
tofu, firm
pork tenderloin, diced, cooked
tuna, canned light in water, drained
turkey sliced, low sodium, fat-free, 6 slices
ham sliced, low sodium, fat-free, 6 slices
ricotta cheese, light
cottage cheese, 2%
protein powder (whey, hemp, rice, pea), 1.5 scoops (approx. 42g.)
veggie burger, 1 medium patty
turkey bacon (reduced fat), 4 slices

Yellow Containers
sweet potato
quinoa, cooked
beans (kidney, black, garbanzo, white, lima), cooked, drained
lentils, cooked, drained
edamame, shelled
refried beans, nonfat
brown rice, cooked
wild rice, cooked
potato, mashed or ½ medium
corn on the cob, 1 ear
amaranth, cooked
millet, cooked
buckwheat, cooked
barley, cooked
bulgur, cooked
oatmeal steel-cut, cooked
oatmeal, rolled, cooked
pasta, whole wheat, cooked
couscous, whole wheat, cooked
crackers, whole-grain, 8-small crackers
cereal, whole-grain, low sugar
bread, whole-grain, 1 slice*
pita bread, whole wheat, 1 small (4-inch) *  
waffles, whole-grain, 1 waffle*
pancakes, whole grain, 1 small (4-inch) *  
English muffin, whole grain, ½ muffin*
bagel, whole-grain, ½ small (3 inch)*
tortilla, whole-wheat, 1 small (6-inch)
tortilla, corn, 2 small (6-inch)*

  • = can’t fit in container so just eat the amount indicated.  

Blue Container
avocado, mashed, or ¼ medium
12 almonds, whole, raw
8 cashews, whole, raw
14 peanuts, whole, raw
20 pistachios, whole, raw
10 pecan halves, raw
8 walnut halves, raw
coconut milk, canned
feta cheese, crumbled
goat cheese, crumbled
mozzarella (low moisture), shredded
cheddar, shredded
provolone, shredded
Monterey jack, shredded
parmesan, shredded

Orange Containers
pumpkin seeds, raw
sunflower seeds, raw
sesame seeds, raw
flaxseed, ground,
olives, 10 medium
coconut, unsweetened, shredded
21-Day Fix dressings (see page 56)

EV coconut oil
flaxseed oil
walnut oil
pumpkin seed oil
nut butters (peanut, almond, cashew)
seed butters (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame)

Free Foods
lemon and lime juice (not lemonade!)
spices (except salt)
hot sauce
flavor extracts
seasoning mixes on pages 42-3

Drink about 1 gallon of water everyday

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