Monday, September 1, 2014

Exercise the Mind Too! All About Personal Development

Personal development --> the goal is to learn new skills and information that will help you develop into a better, more effective person. 

On a daily basis, this could be reading personal development books, listening to personal development audiobooks, and/or watching videos of personal development gurus such as Dave Ramsey.  

How much personal development should you do each day?  At least 10 minutes every day.  This can be easily squeezed into your car ride to work (audiotape, not reading haha) or read as you wait for the train or on your lunch break.  

What should I read about?  Think about where you want to improve-- is it in time management, bettering your relationship with your spouse/friends, thriving at work?                
             Choose one area to improve upon and find a great book on that topic!! 

Here are a few of my recommendations and a little snip-it about each book 

a.     Business
                                               i.     Slight Edge: Discusses how to build a business
                                              ii.     15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by Maxwell: How to move 
                                                      forward in life & have better time managements skills 
                                            iii.     Go pro: all about network marketing business
                                            iv.     Compound Effect: Discusses balance in life and how small                        daily tasks yield big rewards in the end. 

b.     Time Management
                                               i.     Push by Chalene Johnson: discusses balance & goal setting
                                              ii.     Eat the Frog: discusses putting things off

c.      Working with People & Understanding People
                                               i.     Personality Plus discusses the 4 different personalities

d.     Leadership
                                               i.     People Follow You: discusses developing your leadership 

Put yourself first --> develop yourself and you will have a more successful, happier life. 

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