Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thirsty Thursday!!

Time for my Thirsty Thursday post!  Nope, no cocktail recipes today...sorry!   Today's focus is on what I am drinking on my cleanse.  Yes, cleanse...3-day Shakeology cleanse to rid my body of my holiday indulgences!!  For the cleanse I need to drink.....a lot.  First off, water!  Our bodies always need lots of water, especially when we are doing a cleanse.  I always recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces.  So I'm drinking about 64 ounces today.  That is totally do-able for me...especially when I'm not teaching (teachers rarely get bathroom breaks!).  I've flavored up my water today with limes, lemons, and/or mint.  This gives it more flavor and I really enjoy it.  Another way to "spruce" up your water is by having flavored seltzer.  It's all-natural, bubbly, and counts towards your water in take for the day. 

In addition to lots of water, I'm also drinking green tea today for the cleanse.  Green tea isn't my favorite choice of tea so I searched the supermarket for flavored green tea.  I was shocked at all the, pomegranate, mango, passion fruit, etc.  These are all really good and I'm enjoying tea on this snowy Boston day!

Water, check.  Green tea, check.  Now...time for Shakeology.  3 shakes today!  All are made with water and ice because that's what the cleanse calls for.  Don't worry, in upcoming posts I'll post my delicious Shakeology recipes!   I'm out of chocolate so today is an all vanilla day! 

Lots to drink today on Thirsty Thursday!  Stay hydrated!!

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