Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Workout Wednesday - New Years Detox Flow Yoga Class

Happy New Year!  Today brings a new year and so many people have new goals to workout.  My overall goal is being active 5 days a week.  This could be a quick run, yoga class, or a workout at home....anything that my body feels like doing at the time and will me feel better (because who doesn't feel better after a good workout??).

So today I looked at my yoga studio's schedule and they had a "Detox Flow" class for 1.5 hours.  There wasn't a description, but the name of the class was totally intriguing and sounded like something I needed after holiday/engagement/NYE indulgences!

The class was amazing!!  So crowded and therefore so hot in the class!!  The instructor had us doing so many twists and lunges to really "rinse out" our bodies.  Felt sweaty, stretched, and detoxed after!  If you are looking to change up your normal "gym" routine, I highly suggest hot power yoga class!!

Totally sweaty, crazy hair after hot yoga!

New yoga outfit from Target.  You totally get your money's worth there and it looks like Lululemon. Thanks for the outfit, mom!  (needed my slippers on after the comfy!)

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