Friday, December 12, 2014

Cyber Monday -- This MONDAY December 15th!!

I've been trying to brainstorm how to best serve my Insanity clients during their group workouts with me AND how to support them when they aren't with me!!   In thinking about this I had to really had to reflect on WHY I work as Insanity instructor. 

Soooooo in my jotting of notes, I realized I do actually have a philosophy rooted in my fitness teaching and coaching. These are a few things that I truly believe in...

1. All women should feel great in their body. 

2. All women should have access to fun workouts without sign-up fees, cancellation fees, or paying a crazy amount of money per class.  

3. Women's workouts should be TOUGH (we are stronger than we think ya know!), but the workouts should modified for all levels so EVERYONE feels welcome during the class AND accomplished at the end of the 60 minutes. 

Those are the THREE things I thought about as I planned my "Better in 2015" Live Insanity Program....

Check out the details... 

STARTS: NOW!!  Why wait for a new year!  Get started now! 

WORKOUT CLASSES: Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 6-7pm in Hyde Park 

NUTRITION SUPPORT: I'll just be honest....your body won't change if your nutrition doesn't.  I ask that you make a one-time investment of $40 in a ONE of a kind nutrition program.  LIFE changing! 

-Starting December 30th --> LAST Tuesday of the month will be "progress day." 
This means a fit test for 15 minutes in class (just checks your progress in your workouts--nothing to worry about!!), followed by an Insanity workout of course!!  
-After that very class, I'll take clients' measurements/progress pics.
-Of course this "tracking progress" is optional, but trust me, there is nothing more motivating than seeing your results and making new goals for the next month! 

ONLINE SUPPORT: 2x a week of workouts and daily nutrition fix will get you far ... BUT you'll also have access to an online support group, daily tips, motivation, and mini-workout challenges to do at home!  Free service for all Better than Yesterday clients who attend class.  

Sound like something you want to invest in?! 

11 class for $45!!  Say what?!  Makes a great a holiday present too!  

Pass is valid for 3 months from sale date! 
"Cyber Monday" deal is valid December 15th to January 6th.

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